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Weekly Roundup – 9 July 2017

As ever, I’ve spent some time looking around to find some of the most interesting new plugins from those released on WordPress.org this week.

Unless stated otherwise, I’ve not tested these, but am just highlighting those that stood out to me as being most interesting.

New Plugin Releases

Woo Align Buttons

By 320up
It does a simple job in just vertically aligning all the add to cart buttons on product archive pages.

WooCommerce Extra Variation Images

By D001928403
You can add additional images for product variations using this plugin.

Order Attachment for Woocommerce

By Phoeniixx
This plugin allows you to attach a PDF file to customer orders that will be accessible to them from the My Account page.

Woo Additional Fee

By Nilay Patel
As the name suggests, this simple plugin allows you to add an additional fee to orders that will be displayed on the checkout page.

Easy Digital Downloads – Order Notes

By Freshly Themes
This Easy Digital Downloads extension adds a new field to the checkout page allowing customers to add notes or special instructions to their order.

Woo Installments

By Fahad Mahmood
You can use this plugin to manage access to content on your site. For example to sell online courses.

Woosaleskit Bar

By Woosaleskit
Here’s a simple plugin that just adds an extra navigation bar to the bottom of the screen for mobile users. Helping make features like the cart more readily accessible may improve the mobile experience for your users.

Smart Shopify Product

By Yulio Aleman Jimenez
You can use this plugin to add shortcodes to your site that can be used to embed Shopify products into your site.

Tattoo Shop Manager

By Xenos Konstantinos (xkon)
Sure it’s a bit niche, but if you do happen to run a tattoo parlor you may want to check this out and see how it can help your business. After all, the developer is also a tattooist with their own shop.

Change Prices with Time for WooCommerce

By Igor Benić
Urgency can be a powerful sales driver and this plugin will add a timer to your products indicating that the price will change at a set time. This could be a great tool to help drive sales of new product.

Popup anything on click

By WP Online Support
I can see this being useful in lots of ways, particularly for embedding sign up forms when you’re using an email service that isn’t well supported with opt-in plugins.

WooCommerce Product Disclaimer

By wpexperts.io
This plugin simply adds an option to add a disclaimer text to you products that is triggered by the add to cart button and requires the customer to agree before proceeding.


By dualon
If you monetize your website through advertising, you may want to consider this plugin as a way to reduce lost revenue from visitors using ad blocking plugins.

Woo Custom Emails Per Product

By Alex Mustin
Here’s a  handy plugin that allows you to add additional text to the customer order processing email. The text can be varied for each product for maximum flexibility.

Discounts based on Email for WooCommerce

By extensionhawk
This plugin adds the ability to apply discounts to customers on a customer by customer basis.

WC Product Social Sharing

By DefThemes
You can quickly and easily add social sharing buttons to all your WooCommerce single product pages with this simple plugin.

WooCommerce Infusionsoft Integration

By Marketing Automation Expert 24
The name of this plugin rather gives the game away, allowing you to integrate your store with an Infusionsoft account.

WooCommerce Links to Product

By Ernesto Ortiz
This is designed to allow you to add an additional link to WooCommerce product pages. You could use it to link to the product on Amazon to offer purchasers an alternative buying option, either aiming for affiliate commission or to demonstrate your low pricing.

That’s the end of this week’s roundup. Please let me know if you’re going to give any of these new plugins a try.

Ian Pullen

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