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New WordPress Plugins Weekly Roundup – 6 August 2017

Here you’ll find this week’s selection of new plugins that I found most interesting from

Unless stated otherwise, I’ve not tested these, but am just highlighting those that stood out to me as being most interesting.

New Plugin Releases

Woocommerce Product Shortcodes
By ESC IT Support
This is a clever idea that will make life easier for you if you find yourself referring to your own products in your blog posts. This lets you use shortcodes to insert product data, such as product names and price. In the event that any of this data changes, the values in the post will update automatically, saving you from having to go back and edit details.

Stock Photos
By Themely
I think this is a great idea and perhaps it’s been done before and I haven’t seen it. It lets you search free to use stock imagery within WordPress and then import them into your media library.

Simple Stripe Payments
By brainstormforce
This makes it easy to add Stripe payments to your site using shortcodes.

Easy Amazon Links
By flowdee
If you have an Amazon Associate account, this plugin makes it quick and easy to add your affiliate links to your WordPress site.

By Uni
You can use this plugin to take advantage of the AliExpress’ Affiliate Program and add their products of your choice to your WordPress site.

By xolluteon
Here’s another plugin that you can use to connect to your AliExpress account and import products to your site.

Add a countdown timer to your WooCommerce Sale Item
By codepixelzmedia
There’s no description with this plugin in the WordPress repository, but based on the plugin name, it will allow you to add countdown timers to your sale items to help increase urgency.

WC return products
By wc expert
This adds a new front end form for your users to register product returns that you can see in the back end.

Advanced WPPerformance
By Nico Martin
There’s a reasonable selection of caching plugins that are designed to speed load times, but this plugin may be worth considering, perhaps alongside caching. It moves all scripts to the footer and defers loading to increase the load time. As with all performance enhancing plugins, test it before going live as it could break pages in some circumstances.

Woocommerce Calculate Shipping In Product Page
By enhancewc
Making your shipping costs as simple to understand as possible is essential to help push customers through a purchase. This plugin adds a shipping calculator to product pages.

WooCommerce Quick View
By sandeepkumar1603
You can add a quick view feature with this plugin which can help speed up the browsing experience for your potential customers.

Smart Search for WooCommerce
By WooDev
This plugin will put your WooCommerce site search on steroids, giving it functionality your users are used to when using Google search.

That’s the end of this week’s roundup. Please let me know if you’re going to give any of these new plugins a try.

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