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New WordPress Plugins Weekly Roundup – 5 November 2017

I’ve been checking out the new plugins released on site this week and these are the ones that stood out.

Unless stated otherwise, I’ve not tested these, but am just highlighting those that stood out to me as being most interesting.

New Plugin Releases

Motif: Woocommerce Measurement Price calculator
By motifsolution
It’s a niche plugin but ould be invaluable for some businesses. When selling products where price is based on quantities, this will help customers work out what they need.

WooCommerce Cancel Abandoned Order
By studio RVOLA
If your store offers customers the option to pay by offline methods, such as check, this plugin allows you to set a time limit on these sales. If payment is not received within the time you specify, the order is automatically cancelled.

WooCommerce ECards
By flippercode
This plugin allows you to sell personalized ecards through WooCommerce.

WP Survey Manager
By Kapil Yadav
You can easily create surveys for your users with this plugin. Gaining a greater understanding of your customers’ problems and needs can be an essential way to target the most profitable products for your business.

Creator Five for WooCommerce
By Koffeeware
Creator Five is a print on demand service for creating a range of different products. This plugin makes it easy to integrate their service with a WooCommerce site.

WooCommerce Review Collector
By Md. Ohidul Islam
Customer testimonials can be a very powerful tool for driving sales. This plugin is focused on helping site owners to gain as many reviews as possible.

Woo Cart Fields
By Liam Bailey (Webby Scots)
You can use this plugin to add input field to your cart page and capture additional information from your customers. Their input is displayed on the checkout page.

WooCommerce – Open external/affiliate links in a new tab/window
By Justin Rains
Affiliate sellers may like this very simple plugin. All it does is open affiliate product links to external sites in a new tab.

WooCommerce Customer Care
This customer care plugin for WooCommerce allows specific users to take control of orders. This could help to avoid duplication of work as a result of poor communication between site staff.

Pubble Messenger Live Chat
By Pubble
Another week and another AI powered live chat plugin for WordPress. If you’re still looking for the right one for you, it may be worth a look.

WooCommerce Multi-Step Checkout
By SilkyPress
Most store owners know that an alarming number of customers bail out on the checkout page. This plugin tries to counter this problem by breaking WooCommerce’s checkout page unto multiple steps. By breaking it into smaller chunks, it’s hoped more customers will complete the process.

WooCommerce MultiStep Checkout
By ThemeHiGH
Oh look, here’s another one. Well, if you’ve been wanting to make your WooCommerce checkout multi-step, you’re spoiled for choice this week.

Coupon Helper for WooCommerce
By Mohit Agarwal
Here’s an interesting extension of WooCommerce’s default coupon types. With this plugin you can also create coupons that discount the order by the cost of the cheapest item in the cart, as long as there is more than one item.

By Patrick Sletvold
Lazy loading is a method of only loading images and some other items when they are required. For example images further down a page are only loaded when the visitor scrolls down the page. This can help speed up load times as fewer assets are downloaded initially.

Native Performance
By Cristian Álvarez
The speed of your site is obviously important to keep visitors happy. This new plugin disables a variety of WordPress’s features to help speed up load times. I think the claim that it speeds sites up 10x may be ambitious, but every little bit helps. Be aware that disabling some of these features could break aspects of your site, so be sure to check carefully after activating.

Woocommerce Custom Fields For Variation
By phoeniixx
If you sell products with variations, this plugin allows you to add custom fields to variations. This could be a great way to display more information about variations to visitors.

WooCommerce Product Finder
By Multidots
You can help visitors to find suitable products with this plugin. It allows site owners to create questionnaires that help narrow product suggestions for visitors.

Hubaga – Sell Digital Downloads
By Hubaga
If you sell only digital products, you may be interested in checking this plugin out. It describes itself as lightweight and it makes checkout very quick and easy which may reduce abandonments.

WooCommerce PDF Invoice Builder
By RedNao
This plugin lets you create PDF invoices for your WooCommerce store using a drag and drop builder. Could be useful if you want to customize the appearance of your store’s invoices.

WooCommerce Add GTIN: UPC, EAN, and ISBN
By Scott Bolinger
If you sell products that use Global Trade Item Numbers, such as ISBN numbers for books, this plugin will let you apply these to your products and display them to your shoppers.

Product Lister Etsy
By CedCommerce
Etsy sellers that have their own WooCommerce store may be very interested in this plugin. It can send products from WooCommerce to Etsy saving you from having to manually input them twice.

PayPal Express Checkout for WordPress
By palmoduledev
For sites that don’t need a full featured ecommerce shopping cart, this plugin can be used to add PayPal’s Express Checkout.

WP GDPR Compliance
By Donny Oexman, Van Ons
The GDPR rules come into effect in May 2018 and mean website owners that collect any form of user data from users based in the EU will need to comply with these new regulations. This plugin is designed to offer advice on what steps owners may need to take.

That’s the end of this week’s roundup. Please let me know if you’re going to give any of these new plugins a try.

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