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New WordPress Plugins Weekly Roundup – 30 July 2017

I’ve been taking another look around WordPress.org this week and here’s a selection of new plugins that I found most interesting.

Unless stated otherwise, I’ve not tested these, but am just highlighting those that stood out to me as being most interesting.

New Plugin Releases

Product Display for Shopify

By That Software Guy
Got a Shopify store? You can now use this plugin to display your products in WordPress blog posts.

Woo Wolly One Time Buy

By Paolo Valenti aka Wolly for WordPress Italy
You can limit products to a single purchase by each customer using this plugin.

Oxygen Visual Site Builder

By Soflyy
I’m a big fan of the Elementor plugin for building WordPress pages, but this could be an interesting competitor. It styles itself as a site builder rather than a page builder, allowing you to create headers and footers as well as pages. You can also write PHP and JavaScript direct in the editor, rather than editing theme files.

WooCommerce Customer Feedback

By Applyke
Listening to your customers is essential for any business. This plugin is designed to make it easier for you to solicit feedback from your customers.

Product Display for Prestashop

By That Software Guy
I’m sure some people will love this idea and others may hate it. It allows customers to remove a product from their purchase on the checkout page rather than having to go back to the cart page.

Woocommerce Product Remover From Checkout Page

By Ratul Bin Hasan
Prestashop site owners can use this plugin to display their products in a WordPress blog.

Woo Product Recommendation Wizard

By Multidots
This plugin lets you add simple questionnaires to your store in order to provide product recommendations to your customers.

WooCommerce add to cart Text change

By Saiful Islam
Just want to change the text that appears on your WooCommerce add to cart buttons? This will do that for you.

Next / Previous Product for Woocommerce FREE version

By starblank.com
This simply adds new next and previous product buttons to your product pages in WooCommerce.

TDT Lazyload

By Anh Tuan
Lazy loading is a technique that can help pages load faster by only laoding images when a visitor scrolls down a page to where they’re located. This plugin is meant to add this feature to WordPress sites quickly and easily.

WooCommerce Personal Discount

By Applyke
You can use this plugin to apply discounts to customers in your WooCommerce store on a customer by customer basis.

Counter Number Showcase

By wpshopmart
Here’s one of those plugins that could be super useful to some site owners. It allows you to create graphical stats that you can display in a page with a shortcode.

WP Page Post Widget Clone

By Mahesh Prajapati
Cloning posts and pages is a feature that I’m always surprised isn’t included in WordPress. There are a few plugins that add this functionality and here’s a new one that also allows you to clone widget sidebars too.

XMLCanvas – Facebook Dynamic Retargeting Ads for WooCommerce

By ProgSol, Programmatic Solution, s.r.o.
This plugin will create an XML feed that can be used by your Facebook ad account to create retargeting ads. There’s a two week free trial and it’s currently free for up to 10 products.

Easy Shortcode Creator by WpPug

By WpPug
For anyone that can’t write code to create their own shortcodes, this could be a handy plugin. You can use it to create content that can be inserted on multiple pages with a shortcode. If you ever need to edit the content, you only have to edit it once to update all pages.

Disable WooCommmerce Status

By LittleBizzy
This may not be necessary for every WooCommerce owner, but for those with particularly busy stores, this plugin claims to improve back end performance by disabling the status widget.

That’s the end of this week’s roundup. Please let me know if you’re going to give any of these new plugins a try.

Ian Pullen

Ian Pullen

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