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New WordPress Plugins Weekly Roundup – 26 November 2017

These are the most interesting new plugins I found added to site this week.

Unless stated otherwise, I’ve not tested these, but am just highlighting those that stood out to me as being most interesting.

New Plugin Releases

Plugin Name: Woo SMS Pro
By CodeBite
WooCommerce is configured to send emails when certain events occur. This plugin connects to Twilio and lets you send SMS messages for new purchases and when the order status changes.

Simple PayPal Buy Now Button
By WPCodelibrary
If you don’t need the full power of a shopping cart and store like WooCommerce, this plugin could be for you. It allows you to create multiple PayPal buy now buttons that can be easily added to pages using shortcodes.

WooCommerce MultiStep Checkout Like Magento
By Commercepundit
Breaking up the WooCommerce checkout process into smaller steps may make it appear less daunting and reduce cart abandonments. As with most things, it’s probably best to compare results with and without this plugin to see if it’s having a positive affect.

WooCommerce Distance Based Fee
I don’t think I’ve seen a WooCommerce plugin approach shipping in this way. It allows store owner to set calculations for deliver based on the distance to the customer. This could be useful for businesses that handle their shopping personally, perhaps if onsite installation is required.

Deals of the Day WooCommerce
By ThemeLocation
This plugin lets you set up special deals that are displayed on their own page along with a countdown timer.

Autocomplete WooCommerce Orders
By Liam McArthur
By default, WooCommerce requires store owners to manually mark orders as complete. This plugin allows you set orders as complete under several conditions, such as sales of virtual products where there is no shipping.

PHP Fatal Error Blocker
By MoreAddons
If a plugin update is released with a bug, you could be unaware that it’s crashing your site for your users. This plugin is designed to automatically disable any plugin that’s causing a fatal PHP error.

Table Reservation – WordPress Booking Plugin
By True-Emotions.Studio
While this has been designed for cafes and restaurants, it could probably work for any business where customers need to book seating. It appears you can just upload a seating plan and draw boxes on top that customers can click to select.

Rearrange Woocommerce Products
By MailGet
Probably best for smaller WooCommerce stores without huge inventories, this plugin allows you to rearrange the order of products on your shop pages.

Advanced Plugin Search
By klick on it
Selecting plugins is something all WordPress site owners should do. This plugin can help in this by adding search options that allow you to get results that filter out plugins based on their last update and the number of downloads.

Advanced Theme Search
By klick on it
This does just the same as the plugin above, except it’s for searching themes.

WooCommere Invoice Me
By Anas
In some sectors and markets, it’s common for customers to be invoiced for payment. This plugin makes invoicing a payment option in WooCommerce stores.

WooCommerce Photo Reviews
By VillaTheme
With this plugin, customers can add photos to their product reviews.

Limit quantity for WooCommerce
By Mohit Agarwal
This plugin allows you to set a maximum number on your products that restrict how many a customer can buy. This could be useful when launching a new product with limited stock and you wish ration supply.

EDD Tab Manager
By Igor Benić
Here’s one for Easy Digital Downloads users. This makes it easy to add tabs to product pages, similar to the tabs that WooCommerce product pages have.

That’s the end of this week’s roundup. Please let me know if you’re going to give any of these new plugins a try.

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