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New WordPress Plugins Weekly Roundup – 24 December 2017

Here are the most interesting plugins I’ve found while looking around the site this week.

Unless stated otherwise, I’ve not tested these, but am just highlighting those that stood out to me as being most interesting.

New Plugin Releases

Custom Tabs & Fields for Woocommerce
By Antonio Nardone
This plugin lets you additional tabs and custom fields to WooCommerce products. You also set the tabs to appear on based on product category.

Bears WooCommerce Product Quick View
By Bearsthemes
Quick view features can speed up the shopping experience fr your customers. When activated, this adds a nicely designed pop-up of more information without opening the product page.

Quick View for WooCommerce
And here’s another quick view for WooCommerce plugin, though may not be quite as slick.

Woo Variation Swatches
By Emran Ahmed
By default, WooCommerce lets users pick variations using drop downs. This plugin replaces them with better looking swatches.

By Justin Tadlock
Customer testimonials can be a powerful marketing tool. This plugin is designed to make it easy to add and use them in WordPress.

Call Now Button Ultimate
By GetHuman
When users view your site on mobile, this will display a call now button at the bottom of the screen. You can also set out of hours times and the button switches to email.

Messenger Customer Chat Plugin
By Ringotel
With Facebook keen for businesses to use Messenger as a support channel, here’s another plugin to integrate the system with WordPress.

Sales Notification for Woocommerce
By phoeniixx
If you’ve been on a site and been encouraged to buy a product because of a notification of a recent purchase by another customer, this may be for you. The plugin will add that functionality to WooCommerce and present social proof as visitors browse your site.

Region City Landing Pages Builder
By Sudhir Puranik
This plugin is designed to make it easy to create multiple landing pages that will display a city name based on the visitor’s location. Personalizing pages for users can help improve conversions. Think about the SEO issues though of creating pages with very similar content.

Online Restaurant Reservation
By WPEverest
Owners of restuarants may be interested in checking out this plugin. It allows both visitors and admins to book reservations.

Monero (XMR) miner – Moonify
We went through a phase a while back of plugins that could mine crypto currencies using visitors’ CPU. It’s another way to monetize a website and this plugin clearly informs visitors and lets them opt out.

That’s the end of this week’s roundup. Please let me know if you’re going to give any of these new plugins a try.

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