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New WordPress Plugins Weekly Roundup – 10 December 2017

Once again I’ve been looking around to find the most interesting new plugins added to site this week.

Unless stated otherwise, I’ve not tested these, but am just highlighting those that stood out to me as being most interesting.

New Plugin Releases

Pay Post By SMS
By ONLINE Solutions Ltd.
This is an interesting way to add a paywall to your content. Once enabled, this plugin allows users to pay for access by sending an SMS from their mobile.

Patreon WordPress
By Patreon
If you use Patreon, you’ll want to check out this new plugin they’re released. You can use it to easily restrict access to some of your content to your Patreon supporters.

WordPress Messenger Customer Chat Plugin (WPMCCP)
By Dorell James Galang
This new release makes it easy to integrate Facebook’s new Messenger Customer Chat feature into your site.

Woocommerce simple wishlist
By Query Solutions LTD
A wishlist system can be a useful feature to reduce the likelihood of customers forgetting about products. This may be worth a look if you don’t have one installed already.

Messenger Customer Chat for WordPress
By Ninja Team
This plugin lets you easily add a Messenger based chat system to your site. Could be useful for support and to answer pre-purchase questions.

Akaunting for WooCommerce
By Akaunting
You can connect your WooCommerce store to the free online accounting service from Akaunting with this plugin. This could make your life a lot easier. Payments for WooCommerce
Normally I don’t feature WooCommerce payment gateways because there are so many and they’re often region specific. I’ve included this though as it integrates escrow payments. This could be useful for high ticket items where customers haven’t yet learned to trust your business.

WooCommerce Featured Video
By David Towoju (Figarts)
I saw another plugin doing this recently, so you may want to try searching and comparing what’s available. What this does is simply allow you to add a featured video to a product instead of an image.

Word’s Content
By Karthik Thayyil
Every now and again I come across a plugin that seems genuinely original. This is an example. The concept is to allow you to highlight words in posts and pages that can be clicked to show more information. This can include Contact Form 7 forms to help power engagement.

WooCommerce Popup Cart + ajax
By aThemeArt
This plugin extends the WooCommerce cart, allowing you to display it in a styled pop-up.

Stripe payment forms – PayForm
By PayForm
If you don’t need a full powered shopping cart, this simple solution to easily add Stripe powered payment forms could be worth a look.

That’s the end of this week’s roundup. Please let me know if you’re going to give any of these new plugins a try.

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